Our SUGAR GLIDER TOYS are non-fleece for easy cleaning and ALL can be color customized! I am happy to accept photos of your cage sets/fabrics to use as a color matching template. If you have a small cage, email me and ask me which toys will accommodate your specific size. Note: Toys are sturdy and designed for playing/chewing but as for all sugar glider items, check daily for wear and tear. I recommend cleaning all toys with a mild dish detergent and a very small amount of bleach. Some toys may have slight variations or accessories but all will be fun, functional, beautiful & safe! For large orders, a small packaging fee will be charged. Check us out on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/SpoiledRottenSuggies/

FOR ORDERS AND INQUIRIES, EMAIL DAVIE AT: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

PULLEY TOY  $22.00
A toy for tugging, pulling, yanking and sliding...a glider favorite! Stretches to almost 30 inches. Can be made longer or shorter to accomodate cage sizes.


A puzzle feeder toy designed to encourage your gliders' natural foraging instincts. Excellent for food aggressive sugar gliders! The base of the toy stays in place as the eight foraging cups slide back & forth WHILE swiveling around at the same time for added complexity! PERFECT for dinner! Add their staple, fruits & veggies to all eight of the foragers so they keep coming back all night long! Sugar gliders don't get their meals easily in the wild, give them some natural foraging stimulation in their home. It's great for their inquisitive little minds! Also perfect for treats. This toy is best suited for cage depths of 24" (great for Critter Nations) and larger.

SUGAR GLIDER CAVERNS TOY  $76.00 (Triple Decker $88.00)
A two story foraging toybin where your gliders can park inside the caves and play. Oodles of fun stuff inside to entertain! Nice and heavy enough to be a safe "jump on" primary toy that doesn't quick-swing all over the place. :) Gliders feel safe jumping on these types of toys. A definite favorite amongst gliders and owners.

Gliders go crazy trying to get the toys off! Reset 'em and the fun starts all over! Don't be surprised to find the resets in the pouch. They love to sleep with their stash!


THE BARREL TOY $34.00 (each character is a collector's item that will be discontinued)

Foraging, resets, and hiding. Fill the bin with food/treats/chew toys...a great multi-purpose toy! Ask me about characters available.


An original Lounger Toy with a play basket to play & hide! All inclusive fun including a basket to store chew/playthings, resets, pulleys, and foraging! Oodles of fun stuff inside to entertain! Nice and heavy enough to be a safe "jump on" primary toy that doesn't quick-swing all over the place. :) Gliders feel safe jumping on these type of toys. Our second, most engaging toy and a FAVORITE amongst gliders and owners.

An original Lounger Toy with an extra play area. Great toy bin to store chew toys or use as a feeding/foraging station. Oodles of fun stuff to entertain! Nice and heavy enough to be a safe "jump on" primary toy that doesn't quick-swing all over the place. :) Gliders feel safe jumping on these type of toys.

ORIGINAL LOUNGER TOYS  $58.00 - $62.00
A large, versitile, and fun toy for playing, lounging, and foraging!



TOYBIN BAGS  $8.00 *For use with all toy bins and baskets*


This toy is designed as a sturdy all in one playbox for ultimate entertainment! For smaller cages or big cages that want to make more room for toys and cage sets, this is ideal. The box (thick and strong) hangs flush mid-level or up high (no wobbling!) on the front, side, or back cage bars to take up minimal open cage space. Everything your gliders want is in this box yet still allows room to glide! Resets, pulleys, foraging treat cups and a bin full of dangly chew/play toys that are attached to the inside walls. Box also gives your gliders a cozy place to hide while playing which they love! Your gliders shan't need for anything else, it's all right here! Fits most cages including the Critter Nation with horizontal bars. When ordering, please include your cage dimensions. Extra bags of Playbox chew toys available upon request.

(Available box colors: White, black, pink, blue, orange, yellow, purple, and beige)



Hang them across the cage or hange them caddy corner! Foraging, dangles, pulleys...tons of manipulable fun! Great to hang over pouches.

LEAF BINS $46.00

Perfect for a treat and feeding station or to hold your glider's favorite chew toys!

RESET TOY  $14.00
Gliders love getting the toys off. Reset 'em and the fun starts all over! Comes with a treat cup too!


SOFA SNACK STATION $64.00 (**Back in stock!!!**)

A great place for climbing, foraging, snacking, or just hanging out! Sofas are a hard textured vinyl for no slippage. This is a retired collector's item. Limited quantities.


Little fun spilled over! Mugs come in many colors. Root beer mugs come in orange, green, and purple.

SILLY SUGGIE PEOPLE  $28.00 (Boy $26)
A whimsical toy of fun! Hide treats & thread straws/feathers through the ball feet!


Drop a treat in the heel and toe. Your gliders have to learn to use their hands to fish out the treats and believe me, they can do it! Lots of dangly paythings too!

A small toy but big fun and a treat cup to boot!

TIDBIT  $16.00
Full of textured playthings and a treat cup! Too many bases to list. Ask...I may just have it!



Rattles and shakes, a great manipulable toy for your gliders!


Super dangly, super twirly, super fun for little hands! Many styles and colors to choose from.


STOVE COVE $60.00 (**Back in stock!!!**)

A place to climb, play, forage, reset, and hide! Comes with 2 treat cups and 6 resets for tail carriers. This is a retired collector's item. Limited quantities available. Playthings inside the oven as well but don't worry, oven won't cook your gliders. :)

CRAB PIT $52.00

A large treat station toy with 5 foraging cups. Crab bases come in red, orange, blue, and lime green Of course, all customizable.

A hoot of fun! Owl heads come in yellow and pink. Fill the baskets, fill the treat cups!

DUCKHUNT  $34.00
Adorable large duck character toys with many characters to choose from. Will have a rotating supply as these are collector ducks and retire. Super cute and super fun!

ACTIVITY TIERS  (1 TIER)$62.00 (2 TIER)$68.00

Multi-level of play! Fill the bins with your gliders' favorite chew toys, euc leaves, feathers, and brances. Bins come in yellow, red, black, green, primary blue, aqua/turquoise, purple, and pink.

PLAYSTATIONS $44.00 - $48.00

Can be used as a treat and toybin or a total feeding station!

Oozing with playthings!

LOOKOUT TOWERS $26.00 (Currently not in stock)

The perfect spot to snack on treats, play, or hang out and groom!


TROPICAL TIKI STATION $44.00 (Currently not in stock)

Pineapple toy station with 9 foraging treat cups and dangly fun! Great for a total feeding station!

MR. BONE JANGLES  $34.00 (Currently not in stock)

Just plain scary! Dripping with doodads and a treat cup.




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